National Association for Change suggests 11 steps to power handover

The National Association for Change (NAC) on Wednesday launched an initiative to ease the handover of power to a civil authority under the slogan “An Army That Protects Us, Not Governs Us.”

The initiative consists of 11 steps, starting with the armed forces immediately handing over power to a temporary "rescue" government with presidential powers, while the military manages the nation's external affairs, defense and national security until a new parliament is elected.

The government would be tasked with cleansing the Interior Ministry before the parliamentary and presidential elections, and preparing a short-term plan to improve the economy and reduce unemployment.

The initiative also sets out mechanisms by which to choose the founding committee that will write the new constitution. It also recommends amendments to the law on political parties, the law on parliamentary elections, and anti-revolutionary laws, such as the law criminalizing strikes.

It urges the replacement of the single-winner system with a list-based system for parliamentary elections so as to block remnants of the former regime from re-entering politics.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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