NCW Head, US ambassador discuss Egypt’s efforts to empower women

US Ambassador to Egypt Herro Mustafa Garg Saturday 06/04/2024 hailed Egypt’s efforts to empower women as well as the top priority given by the political leadership to this file.

She praised strong partnership with Egypt, asserting keenness of the US on supporting Egypt’s efforts to empower women along with fostering cooperation in this regard.

The ambassador made the remarks during a visit to the National Council for Women (NCW) to get first hand information about Egypt’s effort in the field of women empowerment and discuss prospective cooperation in this domain.

NCW Head Maya Morsi welcomed Garg during her first visit to the council after assuming her post and hailed the effective partnership between the two countries.

She said that Egypt has achieved a remarkable leap in the file of women empowerment throughout the past few years, thanks to the direct and serious support of the political will.

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