NDP calls on members to vote in favor of constitutional amendments

The formerly-ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) today urged its members and supporters to approve the proposed constitutional amendments, which will be put to referendum on 19 March.

This request–issued by NDP secretary-general Mohamed Ragab–reveals that the party will ignore those who have called for its dissolution since the 25 January revolution that ousted former president Hosni Mubarak, who was also the NDP leader.

In a press release, Ragab said he has instructed the party's leaders around Egypt to participate in the referendum and vote in favor of the amendments to allow the country to move forward with its transition.

Ragab added that the party will hold a general conference in the second half of April, with the specific date to be set later.

On Saturday, Ragab announced that the NDP expelled Mubarak and other leaders and intends to expel other corrupt members. He told a local TV channel that the party will be purged of all corrupt figures, and it is time for it to restore its former strength and transparency.

It is widely believed that the NDP continues to receive the support of businessmen, security officials and other remnants of the ousted regime, and is planning a comeback in the new parliament.

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