NDP holds nomination contests for female parliamentary seats

National Democratic Party (NDP) nomination contests for female candidacies are being held today in several governorates nationwide.

The NDP general secretariat in Cairo Mohamed al-Ghamrawy announced plans to hold a conference with the 33 potential female candidates to select the nominees for Cairo’s northeast and southwest district parliamentary seats.

Al-Ghamrawy said he requested Secretary of Administrative and Financial Affairs Yomn al-Hamaqy to be the official in charge of following the elections in Cairo. The general secretariat issued the request to NDP Policies Secretary-General Gamal Mubarak.

The Party’s annual general conference will be held following the nomination contests, al-Ghamrawy told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

In 6th of October Governorate NDP secretary Hani al-Nazer on Tuesday met with women nominees to familiarize them with the nomination contest process. A list of eligible voters was also distributed at the meeting.

Nominee for the professionals seat, Momena Kamel, rejected the notion that the list of voters had been handed out just a day before the conference, saying that voters’ contacts were handed to Cairo nominees a week ago.

Fareeda al-Zomor, a nominee for the farmers seat, requested that the party allocate funds for candidates’ secretariats to be spent on their publicity.

In Helwan, the NDP nomination contest is also scheduled to be held on Wednesday.

Nagwa abul Naga, Helwan's NDP nomination prospect, continued her tour within the district. Azza al-Khodary, potential nominee for the Helwan professional seat, said she’s coordinating with other workers seat nominees in al-Saff and Atfeeh.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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