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New cyber attack targets in 2016

Schools, iPhones, connected devices and Wi-Fi networks are all potential targets for cybercriminal attacks in 2016, according to WatchGuard Technologies, a business security solution provider.
Schools need better protection
The quantity of data collected on children and students is constantly increasing, due to open network environments in schools and universities. They are likely to become targets for cybercriminals.
Connected devices increase threat
Potential attacks on connected devices' firmware (which enables them to operate correctly and holds personal data) is a source of concern. 2016 could see the emergence of proof-of-concept attacks on the firmware of these devices.
WiFi networks the focus of attention
Because of the development of new "ease-of-use" features, which could undermine security, wireless networks could be increasingly exposed to attacks by cybercriminals.
Ransomware growing
Ransomware has mainly been active on Windows up until now. In 2016, it could target other platforms, including mobile devices, for both Android and iOS. Ransomware is malicious software which can access personal data with a view to obtaining a ransom.
More iOS malware
While Android has been the main focus of malware on mobile devices up until now, the iPhone is not likely to be spared for much longer, as a number of weaknesses have appeared in the latest versions of iOS enabling malware to access the App Store.
Malvertising increasing
Malvertising (malware + advertising) is expected to be a real threat in 2016. The number of malvertising attempts could triple in a year.