New York Times fabricated interview, says Egyptian judge

A New York Times article quoting Supreme Constitutional Court Vice President Tahani al-Gebali as saying that she advised the military council to delay handing over power is false, Gebali claimed on Wednesday.

Gebali told state-run newspaper Al-Ahram that she hadn’t given any interviews to the American paper.

In an article published on Tuesday, New York Times Cairo correspondent David D. Kirkpatrick reported that Gebali had “advised the generals not to cede authority to civilians until a constitution was written.”

Gebali said that she would sue the American newspaper, claiming that it had not in fact interviewed her for the story.

The campaign against her is the result of her “refusal of the statements made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who described the Egyptian judiciary as being politicized,” Gebali said.

Clinton had made the statements last month when the Supreme Constitutional Court had declared the People’s Assembly election invalid and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces then ordered the dissolution of Parliament.

“There can be no going back on the democratic transition called for by the Egyptian people,” Clinton said on 13 June. But according to Reuters, Clinton declined to comment specifically on the ruling of the court to dissolve the country's elected Islamist-led Parliament.

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