Egypt Independent

NSF condemns violence; vows not to stay silent over excess force

The National Salvation Front

condemned Sunday all acts of violence against citizens or against public and private proprieties.

It stressed it would not stay silent toward the excessive violence practiced by the security forces or the violence in which groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood or other Islamists groups have repeatedly been involved in.

The NSF said in an urgent statement those groups had also attacked peaceful protesters in front of the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace, repeatedly besieged both the Supreme Constitutional Court and Media Production City, and attacked newspapers’ headquarters.

The group — the largest opposition coalition — said members of the “illegal” Brotherhood carried out attacks that took place last week in front of the group’s headquarters in Moqattam, in which members assaulted peaceful demonstrators and journalists. The NSF called this “a new black chapter” in Islamist groups’ record of violence and rights violations.

The NSF said that while it always defends the right to peaceful protest, it condemns all forms of violence against the headquarters of all political parties, public institutions and media organizations.

It has called several times, according to the statement, for the conduct of independent investigations into all acts of violence and the punishment of those involved in them based on evidence, rather than political, baseless accusations.

Clashes between pro- and anti-Brotherhood protesters Friday during demonstrations in response to violence that broke out at the Moqattam headquarters last week left more than 200 injured.