Official denies presence of sharks on Matruh beaches

Director of the Natural Reserves of the Northern Region at the Ministry of Environment Mohamed al-Essawy has denied the rumours about the alleged appearances of sharks in Matruh and Salloum.
A full survey has been conducted on Matruh and Salloum coast, as well as in the al-Ameed reserve, and no sharks have been reported in the area, said Essawy.
According to Hassan al-Tayeb, head of the Maritime Rescue and Protection of Environment Association, no sharks have been reported west of Alexandria, east of Alexandria, at Miami, Sidi Bishr, Agmi or Marsa Matrouh.
Tayeb said the circulated news about sharks at beaches in Alexandria and Matruh were rumors aimed at frightening those who visit the area for the summer vacation.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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