Poll shows Abouel Fotouh and Moussa in lead with 11% each

Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh and Amr Moussa were the top two presidential candidates in a poll released Thursday by a think tank close to the Cabinet, with each receiving 11 percent support.

The poll, conducted by the Information and Decision Support Center, revealed that 42 of Egyptians have not yet selected their preferred candidate.

Behind the leading candidates were former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq with 6 percent and Freedom and Justice Party head Mohamed Morsy with 2 percent. Three percent of respondents refused to announce their preferred candidate, while 2 percent named other candidates not polled. Seven percent said they would not participate in the election, while 16 percent said they had not yet decided whether they would vote.

The think tank said it conducted phone interviews with 1,209 people over the age of 18.

In a statement, the center said the Abouel Fotouh’s highest rate of support — 19 percent — came from the 18–20 age group. This was closely followed by university and post-graduate students with 18 percent. Those at medium economic status made up 14 percent of his support, and those with high incomes gave him 18 percent. Geographically, 18 percent of Abouel Fotouh’s support came from governorates in the Delta region.

Among the 11 percent who said they supported Abouel Fotouh, 90 percent support the 25 January revolution, 20 percent support the Muslim Brotherhood, while 17 percent support the Salafi political movement.

The poll’s results also showed high support for Moussa among voters 50 years old or older, with 8 percent. Supporters who had not received a high school certificate was at 12 percent. Also, 14 percent of his supporters have low incomes.

Of the 11 percent who support Moussa, 89 percent support the revolution, 6 percent the Brotherhood, and 27 percent the Salafi political movement.

Edited translation from MENA

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