Omar Suleiman denies requesting political asylum in Arab country

Former intelligence chief Omar Suleiman has denied news that he requested asylum in an Arab country, saying he is spending the summer vacation with his family abroad and will return to Cairo soon, said a statement published on his official Facebook page.

Sources close to Suleiman confirmed the statement.
Media reports claimed that Suleiman requested political asylum in an Arab country after General Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud referred a claim filed against him to Cairo's appeal prosecution.
Suleiman is accused of hiding evidence related to the killing of protesters in the Friday of Anger and the Battle of the Camel, two of the worst days of violence against protests during the 25 January uprising, when he testified before the court in Hosni Mubarak's trial.
"A lot of talk and rumors have been circulated and attributed to the major general [Suleiman], and after communicating with him to find out the truth, we found that he took advantage of the opportunity to spend the summer vacation quietly with his family and that he did not make any statements to any person or any media outlet since the last interview with Jihad al-Khazen," the statement read.
The statement quoted Suleiman as saying that he will be back to Egypt soon, that he is sorry for the rumors and hopes all Egyptians enjoy the summer vacation. He also thanked those who celebrated his birthday.

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