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Palestinians leaving their country means ruining their cause, Sisi warns

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that his nation “does not and will not delay in helping the Palestinians, but their exit from their country means liquidating the Palestinian cause,” which he called the cause of all Arabs.

While Egypt hosts nine million people who have been displaced from their countries due to ongoing unrest, Sisi explained that the situation is different in Gaza, as Palestinians must remain in their country and stay steadfast in order to preserve their cause and land.

“It is imperative that Egypt does not abandon them”, he stressed.

Sisi also warned against targeting civilians during the current escalation in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement, Sisi called on all parties to adhere to the utmost self-restraint, protect children and civilians, and to return to negotiations to avoid “the breakout of fires that will leave no one, near or far, unburned.”


Egypt remains dedicated to peace

“Egypt is making all efforts to mediate unconditionally,” Sisi assured during the 2023 graduation ceremony of the Military Academy.

“Egypt’s pursuit of peace and placing it as its strategic choice requires it not to abandon its brothers in precious Palestine and to preserve the capabilities of the Palestinian people.”

“Everyone is keen to provide aid, whether medical or humanitarian, to the Gaza Strip, and there are Arab, international and regional efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians and find a solution to the crisis to avoid escalation,” Sisi said.

He called to protect civilians and children in the circles of conflict and to return to negotiations.

Egypt seeks both peace and preserving the capabilities of the Palestinian people, he assured, and is making great efforts to contain the current escalation in the Gaza Strip.

The president declared full readiness to harness all of Egypt’s capabilities to mediate peace in the region without restrictions or conditions.

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