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Part I: The kickboxing stretch

In order to improve flexibility, keep from getting injured and lessen the effects of post-workout soreness, the pre-workout stretch is essential. Amr Shinawy guides his class at Samia Allouba though a kickboxing workout–with a stretch and warm-up in the beginning and a kickboxer’s kicking and sparring workout for the rest of the class. Shinawy ends his class with a muscle-building series of exercises including wooden sticks and floor ab challenges.

Step 1 –

With legs apart, reach down to one foot for a count of 10, then to the center for a count of 10 and to the other foot for a count of 10.

Step 2 –

Bend one leg and lower yourself, stretching out the other to the side, foot flexed, toes up–count to 10. Center, crouched, both feet on the ground and hold for a count of 10. Straighten other leg and move weight to bent leg, continuing to crouch to one side, count to 10. Then do a 10-count switching motion between either side of this position.

Step 3 –

Stand, legs together, bend one and put the other forward, reaching toward your toes and, if you can reach them, pulling them back. Count to 10 and switch legs.

Step 4 –

Stand on one leg and pull the other up, knee to the side. Hold your foot up in a stretch and count to 10. Lower this leg and pull up the other, count to 10 again.

Step 5 –

Standing, knees slightly apart and bent, warm up and stretch neck by bringing chin to chest and up again 10 times. Then turn head to the right and the left for a count of 10.

Step 6 –

In the same posture, warm up shoulders by rolling them back 10 times and then forward 10 times. Finish with 10 shoulder shrugs.

Step 7 –

Continue shoulders warm-up by rotating right arm forward 10 times, rotating left arm forward 10 times and then rotating both arms forward 10 times. Repeat the 30 count backwards–rotating left, then right then both arms backwards–10 of each.

Stay tuned for Part II: The kickboxing workout; and Part III: Toning for kickboxing

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