People’s Assembly approves organ transplant bill

After 10 sessions and 20 hours of discussion, the People’s Assembly has approved a bill regulating organ transplants in Egypt.

People’s Assembly Speaker Fathi Sorour said the bill upholds the right to life, in accordance with both Islamic and Egyptian law. The new bill, Sorour said, puts in place guarantees verifying the death of the donor, as well as new penalties for violators.

Eighty-six MPs rejected the new law and one abstained from voting, while the rest approved it, according to Sorour.

Minister of State for Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Councils Mofeed Shehab said the government had been trying to pass the law, of which similar versions exist in most of other countries, for 14 years.

"It was painful not to have such a law which protects the lives of patients," Shehab said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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