Pharmaceutical employees arrested for illegally obtaining LE9 million in medicines

The State Funds Prosecution arrested on Monday the head of sales and marketing at a pharmaceutical company, affiliated to the Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals, and another employee for seizing LE9.4 million in medicines.

The prosecution had information that the marketing head, 46, had illegally seized medicines in collaboration with the manager of a private company drug store, owned by the departement head and his partner. The investigations that followed confirmed this information. 

The first suspect abused his powers to seize LE7.6 million in medicines, in collaboration with the second, by using bills that showed the medicines were to be handed over to an NGO from the company’s branch in Tanta, but without the costs being paid.

The costs — two checks at a value of LE2.5 million — were considered to be outstanding bills on the part of the NGO. The two cheques were signed by the second suspect and later found to have no credit.

The suspect also collaborated with the third suspect to seize medicines from the company, as he approved the disbursement of LE1.8 million worth of medicines from the store and claimed the medicines were going to be handed over to an NGO.

Prosecution ordered the arrest of two of the suspects, who plead guilty. They repaid LE2.5 million to the company once these incidents came to light.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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