PLO official calls on Hamas to reassess position post-Morsy

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official Yasser Abd Rabboh called on Hamas to reevaluate its regional position Sunday, now that Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, its main Islamic ally, has been toppled. “The victory of the revolution in Egypt and the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood warrants [such] reflection,” he told Palestinian state radio.
“We hope that the historic transition in Egypt will lead Hamas to approve real democratic elections for the sake of the [Palestinian] homeland,” he said. “Hamas must realize that the Brotherhood can no longer protect it."
“The name Hamas has a negative connotation at the grass-roots level,” Abd Rabboh claimed.
“They are helping terrorists and jihadist gangs in Sinai against the Egyptian army.”
“The United States and Israel now know that the agreements they made with the Brotherhood no longer matter,” the PLO official added.

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