PM Sharaf appointed nephews to big companies, says official

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf appointed his nephew, Ahmed Adel, to Tharwa Oil Company, which is known for employing the sons of high government officials and ministers, an official at the cabinet said on Wednesday, claiming that Sharaf had coordinated with Petroleum Minister Abdullah Ghorab to secure the appointment.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also said Sharaf’s office manager, Ahmed al-Demerdash, called the minister of civil aviation to appoint Sharaf’s other nephew to the ministry.

So far, Sharaf has appointed four consultants with salaries ranging between LE18,000 and LE25,000 a month. Nagla al-Ahwany was appointed as his economic consultant, Motaz Abdel Fattah as his political consultant, Mohamed Hegazy as his foreign affairs consultant and Omar Bassem as his consultant for information technology.

Bassem, who graduated with a BA in engineering in 2004, owns two telecommunications companies and a Nile cruiser named Queen.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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