Police arrest 14 Brotherhood campaigners in the Delta region

Egyptian police on Thursday arrested 14 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood candidates campaigning for the 28 November parliamentary elections.
Security sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm that police apprehended the group in three towns in the Monufiya governorate, 110km north of Cairo, while they were hanging campaign posters bearing the slogan "Islam is the solution."
The Egyptian government had previously threatened to remove Muslim brotherhood candidates if they used the slogan "Islam is the solution" in their campaigns.
The organization says that the police have arrested more than 300 of their supporters during the election campaigns.
The Egyptian Parliament passed a legislation in 2008 which banned the use of religious slogans in public elections in a step that experts at the time said was intended to target the Muslim Brotherhood.
The organization says that the High Elections Commission excluded 29 of their candidates after they had submitted their papers to run in the elections without giving any reasons.
The Muslim Brotherhood announced that they would put forward 134 candidates to compete in the parliamentary elections, in which a total of 518 seats are being contested.

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