Egypt Independent

Police brutality case resurfaces in Alexandria

The East Alexandria prosecution has ordered the re-opening of a police brutality case that held six policeman responsible for killing a civilian while placing him under arrest.

The man was a convict who escaped from serving his prison sentence. Last year, Alexandria's security directorate learned that a number of offenders, all of whom were determined to be at-large convicts, were holding out at a tinsmith shop at Karmouz.

Further investigation verified the reports, and police ambushed the convicts as they attempted to leave the shop. Authorities later claimed that after the offenders started shooting at the officers one of the convicts was killed in the crossfire, and another seriously injured and later hospitalized.

The prosecution however found contradictions in the account of the police officers. The postmortem report on the deceased revealed that 80 bullets had peppered the convict's body. Reports also indicated that the officers were the first to fire.

In related news, a number of human rights groups have attacked the publication of internet video clips that show the autopsy taking place, describing these as a violation of the sanctity of death and demanding an investigation to find out who was responsible for disseminating the footage.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.