Political parties reject amendments to Egypt’s real estate registration law

Several Egyptian political parties on Saturday voiced their rejection towards amendments made to the real estate registration law, stating that it only increases the material burden placed on citizens.

They also announced their agreement with the Future of the Nation party’s call to discuss the law and its amendments, following public outrage and rejection.

The Al-Wafd, the Republican People, Justice, Freedom and Homeland Protectors parties said that they would take the matter up with the House of Representatives to amend the law.

The Head of the Al-Wafd party’s parliamentary committee Suleiman Wahdan said that he had submitted a request for a general discussion to amend Article 35 of the law.

He told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the complex procedures of the law in its current form could likely prevent it from being applied to millions of real estate and residential units.

The Republican People’s Party said that its parliamentarian representatives will announce their support for the amendments that will be submitted by representatives of the Future of the Nation party.

The Egyptian Freedom Party and the Protectors of the Nation parties also announced their support in this regard, noting that the goal of amending the law is to preserve the citizen’s private rights and their real estate units, alongside maintaining the state’s rights and property in completing the real estate registration system.

The Chief of the Justice Party Abdel Moneim Imam criticized the law and submitted an explanatory memorandum to the draft law. In it, he confirmed that after the 75 years since the real estate law was approved, more than 90 percent of real estate wealth in Egypt is not registered which proves that the law did not solve these problems.

Imam pointed out that Article 35 in law #186 of 2020 did not solve issue but only further complicated it.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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