Politician expects Parliament speaker to be appointee MP

Major General Sameh Seif al-Yazal, rapporteur for the For the Love of Egypt electoral list, expects the next Parliament's speaker to be one of the MPs appointed by the president of the republic.
"None of the candidates are fit for the position," Yazal said in an interview with TV channel Al-Arabiya Monday evening.
The For the Love of Egypt coalition, which garnered 60 parliamentary seats in the first round of the House of Representatives' elections, will represent the opposition in the next Parliament, Yazal predicted.
The Salafi-led Nour Party's defeat in the first round of the elections, on the other hand, was so grave that it garnered only eight seats, said Yazal. He expects the Nour Party's defeat to be even worse in the second round.
Yazal explained that money played a big role in the first round of the elections, helping political parties gain a large number of seats, which was a surprise.
He denied, however, that security authorities had a role in choosing the For the Love of Egypt's candidates. The security authorities only helped the coalition do a background check on candidates to avoid introducing Muslim Brotherhood or former National Democatic Party affiliates as candidates on the coalition's list.
For the Love of Egypt will call for amending the Constitution within two years, except for the articles on the president of the republic's powers. The coalition will also call for amending articles on freedom, as well as some legislations.
On the problem of discussing the approximately 300 laws that have been issued by both former president Adly Mansour and current president Sisi within two weeks of the new Parliament, Yazal said the Parliament could approve all the laws before discussing them thoroughly and then have the legislative sub-committees discuss them later.
The Constitution states that the new Parliament has to approve the laws issued by Mansour and Sisi within two weeks.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm  

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