Pope Shenouda’s sermon omits revolution

Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria delivered his first weekly sermon since mass pro-democracy protests broke out, speaking of peace, but not specifically mentioning the protests or President Hosni Mubarak's resignation. 

Shenouda said that Egypt, the land of prophets, will always be safe and blessed.

"God bestows peace upon all those who hold the peace of God in their hearts. In each part of our prayers the word peace is mentioned, so we wish you all peace, we wish all presidents in the world peace, we wish you, the Egyptian people, and all creation peace. We are Muslims and Copts, our salutation starts with peace, we say 'peace for you' and 'peace be upon you'," said the Pope.

He told the congregation to "live peaceably with all people, and those you cannot make your friends, do not make them your enemies. Trust in God and you will maintain peace." The one who refuses peace falls a prey to fear and unrest, he added.

The Pope called on all Egyptians to participate in the coming presidential elections out of patriotism, to ensure the democracy fought for over recent weeks.

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