Power outage recurs in Maspero

A power outage occurred at Maspero for the second time in less than a month on Tuesday at 10 pm. A judicial committee has started investigating the incident. 
The committee was formed by the public funds prosecution, according to informed sources.
Sovereign authorities are cooperating with Maspero head Essam al-Amir to find out the reason behind the recurrence of the outage.
Maspero officials and the electricity company have exchanged accusations for the reasons behind the power outages, as Ibrahim Salam, head of technical services in Maspero said that five consecutive electricity surges over a period of two days harmed the building's electrical system.
The electricity company attributed the reason for the problem to the main line feeding Sayeda Zeinab district, which measures up to 220 kVA.
Mohamed Yamany, a spokesperson for the Electricity Ministry, said the power outage at the Maspero building was the result of an internal malfunction in the building's electricity and had nothing to do with the Electricity Ministry.
Power cannot be cut at Maspero because it is considered a national security risk, he said, explaining that several technicians from the Electricity Ministry immediately went to the Maspero building to fix the problem.
All production, transportation and distribution companies declared a state of emergency due to the continued power crisis in several governorates.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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