Presidential hopeful says military council mismanaged transition period

Presidential hopeful Hamdeen Sabbahi said the ruling military council prolonged the interim period and did not rule the country with the revolution's spirit, but with the spirit of Mubarak’s old regime.

During a cultural seminar organized by Alexandria’s Smouha Club on Tuesday, Sabbahi said, “I’m not with a safe exit for the military council, but a fair exit. Martyrs were killed in Egypt under the generals’ rule. The council offended the great Egyptian army through it’s poor management.

“Talk about the consensus president is just a deal among the military council and some political party. It’s completely rejected, as the word consensus cannot be said on a deal that people knows nothing about,” he added.

Sabbahi also criticized Article 28 of the Constitutional Declaration saying that the best for Egypt cannot be achieved through the article and that challenges against the presidential committee’s decisions should be allowed.

The seminar was interrupted several times by attendees who shouted slogans against the military council.

Sabbahi’s election campaign cut short his visit to Alexandria, due to the death of his nephew. The visit was scheduled to last for three days.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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