Priority to Bedouins in 100,000-acre govt land sale in Sinai

The new law on land ownership for Sinai Bedouins stipulates that only Egyptians are permitted to buy the land and cannot resell or leave it to foreigners, the agriculture minister said.

“We will offer 100,000 acres by the Salam Canal district,” Minister Salah Mohamed Abdel Momen said. “The priority is for the people of Sinai to buy [it].”

The minister also met with tribal chieftains in Sinai to discuss ways to resolve any problems they may have.

The government had allocated LE300 million this year for the reclamation and cultivation of 21,000 acres of desert land, of which 15,000 acres are in Sinai and 6,000 in the Bahareya oasis.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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