Pro-Russian official in Kherson speaks of heavy Ukrainian attacks

As Ukrainian forces continue their offensive in the southern Kherson region, Russian media are reporting heavy bombardments around the town of Nova Kakhovka on the Dnipro river.

The Russian backed administration of Nova Kakhovka said Tuesday the town “is once again shelled with rockets from the AFU [armed forces of Ukraine.] This is the eighth air raid alarm in a day.”

Quoted by Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Vladimir Leontiev, head of the administration, said: “There were 74 missiles overnight, incoming shells continued in the morning, they hit the road infrastructure, the hydroelectric power station.”

“Most of the missiles were repelled by air defense, day by day the results of the air defense are getting better and better,” Leontiev added.

Nova Kakhovka is home to a strategic hydroelectric power plant, and a bridge across the River Dnipro that has been frequently attacked by Ukrainian air strikes and artillery. The bridge is now thought to be impassable.

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