Protesting MPs fail to submit demands

Independent member of parliament Gamal Zahran said that fellow MPs who staged a vigil on Monday had neglected to submit their list of demands to Parliamentary Speaker Fathi Sorour, even though the list had been signed by some 500 opposition and independent parliamentarians and representatives of different political forces.

“Nevertheless, the vigil proved a success,” he said. “We managed to assert our right to demonstrate in Cairo’s biggest square.”

MP Alaa Abdel Moneim agreed with Zahran. “It was indeed successful, despite the deportment of a few zealous young men who tried to impose their own agenda on the event,” he said.

Hamdi Kandil, media spokesman for the National Front for Change, said the vigil had succeeded in rallying diverse political forces around common demands for reform. “These demands should have come from within parliament, not from without,” Kandil said, contending that parliament only worked in the favor of the ruling party.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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