Railway authorities fear more conductor strikes during Eid

Egypt's railway authorities are concerned conductors will carry out more strikes and disrupt holiday travel during Eid, which begins on 31 August.

Rail workers in several Upper Egypt governorates protested this week, demanding bonus increases and higher danger pay – extra money given to workers to cover potential injuries they may sustain on the job. The protesters have blocked train movement and caused delays to several routes.

On Wednesday, the military convinced protesters at the Tanta railway station to end their two-day sit-in. Meanwhile, trains resumed operation in Cairo, Alexandria and Zagazig as workers also ended their strikes.

Many have called on Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to intervene, complaining that citizens are negatively affected by the surprise strikes.

The conductors complained that railway officials have been ignoring their demands. They emphasized that three drivers died on the job this month, and that the danger pay they receive is not in line with the risks of their work.

Hany Hegab, head of the government-run Egyptian National Railways, said the conductors' demands were "illogical," adding that they have been paid more than they were due to receive this year.

Hegab said he could not assure potential passengers that the conductors would not strike again during Eid.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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