Reconcilliation committee ends tribal dispute in Sohag

Sohag Governorate’s reconciliation committee, presided over by Abul Magd Ahmed, President of Qena Criminal Court, negotiated the return of hostages Wednesday, ending strife between the Arab and Hawara tribes.

The committee negotiated the return of three people who had been kidnapped by rival tribes.

The mother of one of the kidnapping victims, a 58-year-old teacher from the Hawara tribe, filed a police report in January accusing four persons from the Arab tribe of kidnapping her 20-year old daughter and asking for LE40,000 as ransom. She gave them the money and her daughter was returned.

On 10 February, the woman filed another report accusing the same persons from the Arab tribe of kidnapping her daughter again and asking for a ransom of LE5,000. When members of the Hawara tribe found out, they kidnapped a 42-year-old teacher and a 27-year-old driver from Arab tribe and kept them as hostages.

The committee intervened to ensure that all kidnapped persons were released and ransom money was returned.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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