Renowned Islamic preacher returns to Egypt after 13 years in exile

A prominent Islamic preacher on Sunday returned to Egypt from the United Arab Emirates after 13 years in exile.

After leaving Egypt and traveling to several other countries, Omar Abdel Kafy settled in Dubai, where he presented religious TV shows.

Abdel Kafy said he is happy to return to Egypt. He described the 25 January uprising as a "great revolution."

"The revolution came to emphasize the strength of the Egyptian people," he said. 

Abdel Kafy said he plans to lecture in several governorates and meet with senior scholars and officials. He urged Egyptians to unite behind the goal of building a new Egypt.

Commenting on his exile, the preacher said he "headed willingly to the plane, escorted by security agents" when he left Egypt after Time Magazine listed him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

A number of preachers and supporters greeted Abdel Kafy at the airport, including prominent Salafi preachers Mohamed Hassan and Safawt Hegazy. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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