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Report: Stability achieved by authorities in Egypt ‘fake’

A report issued by the HRDO Center to Support Digital Expression has said that authorities in Egypt are trying to tighten the grip on society, describing this stability achieved as a fake one that is based on violating human dignity and rights, as well as the constitution and the law.
Entitled “Republic of Fear and Torture… Year of president’s rule”, the report, which was issued on Saturday, tackled an increase in torture cases under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's rule on the occasion of the World Day in Support of Victims of Torture, which occurs on June 26 of every year.
It also analyzes the psychological characteristics of people who carry out torture, saying they are mainly a way for the people issuing the orders to avoid being held accountable.
It added that torture has become a system which is followed by Egyptian authorities and that the main reasons behind the increase in cases of torture are the shortcomings in the areas of investigation, as well as the desire to achieve security and political stability with whatever means possible.
Finally, the report concluded with a list of recommendations, including the immediate end to all torture policies and bringing whomever was involved in torture to trial. It also called for allowing civil society communities to inspect prisons and police stations without having to report to the Interior Ministry and that the prosecution should carry out sudden inspections on prisons and interrogate whomever violate the rules. It also urged the government offer fair compensation to victims who were tortured by state authorities.