Revolutionary youth demand release of prisoners, formation of Constituent Assembly

Revolutionary movements announced that they will organize a number of activities to pressure for the release of prisoners arrested after different incidents since the start of the revolution till the Abbasseya clashes.

The activities will start with a march on Wednesday evening from Cairo High Court to the headquarters of Parliament demanding it take real steps to release prisoners, said a statement Tuesday by the Revolutionary Forces Coalition, the Second Revolution of Anger, the Revolutionary Youth Coalition, the April 6 Youth Movement Democratic Front, the Revolution Youth Union and the Free Front for Peaceful Change.

The march also demands that Parliament clarifies why it has not formed the Constituent Assembly. The march is a first step in escalation in what they considered "a last chance for Parliament to prove whether it belongs to the people or the current ruling authority."

The statement said Parliament’s performance has been weak, adding that after four months they were shocked at Parliament's poor performance with crises and its satisfaction with denouncing and using weak words regarding clashes on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, the Cabinet clashes, and the Port Said Stadium violence. Such incidents would topple governments in other countries, they added.

The People's Assembly’s vote of no confidence against the government could not dissolve the government and indicated that the Parliament of the revolution was unable legislate or regulate, it said. 

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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