Revolutionary martyrs’ families clash with police in Suez

Families of protesters killed and injured during the revolution clashed with police in Suez on Wednesday after a court rejected an appeal by the attorney general to release police officers accused of killing and injuring their relatives.

They pelted police with stones, broke windows of police headquarters and threatened to block Ain Sukhna highway.

Military police surrounded the area and imposed a security cordon around the streets leading to it, while a protester claimed they shocked him with a taser gun.

“Our patience… has run out,” said the mother of killed protester Adel Abdel Hakim, warning that the protest could be the “spark of anger” that may burn the city or the entire country.

“If we do not get our rights by legitimate means, we shall take revenge with our own hands,” she added.

Demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf for disappointing them, youths in Suez staged demonstrations in solidarity with the families.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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