Ruptured pipes flood New Cairo streets

Traffic has come to a halt in New Cairo after two major water pipelines broke, flooding the area.

To avoid the high cost of buying large amounts of bottled water, some residents went to visit relatives elsewhere in Cairo and filled jerrycans with water for domestic use.

Residents also called for increasing the number of vehicles transporting potable water to the area.

Mohamed al-Sayrafi, an official from the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater, said that water was cut off to the area after al-Nakheel Association carried out unauthorized digging activities above the two major pipelines, causing the rupture.

Al-Sayrafi added that six pipes, totalling 36 meters in length, were damaged. One of the two pipelines has been fixed, he said, adding that water has already reached the lower areas of New Cairo. Work is ongoing to repair the second pipeline, which should be operational in 36 hours.

In related news, 6th October City announced that it has fixed a large section of the major pipeline feeding five villages and towns. The pipeline exploded two days ago, and flooded main streets in Sheikh Zayed and other areas.

Sayyed al-Boraee, secretary for the governor of 6th October CIty, said the city’s main pipeline has been fixed and the water flooding the streets removed.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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