Russia has sent tens of thousands of new troops to reinforce front lines, US military official says

Katie Bo Lillis, Kylie Atwood and Alex Marquardt

Russia has sent tens of thousands of new troops to reinforce the front lines in Ukraine over the past few months, a senior US military official said Monday.

The troops have made little difference in the conflict, the official said, arriving on the front lines “ill-equipped, ill-trained” and “rushed to the battlefield.”

Russia has sent the troops in as replacements or reinforcements for existing units instead of newly organized and cohesive units. The troops began arriving on the battlefield following Russia’s stated mobilization of 300,000 new personnel in October, the official later said.

On Friday, Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley said Russia had suffered “significantly well over 100,000 [casualties] now,” including killed in action and wounded in action.

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