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Russian-Egyptian cooperation in developing nuclear medicine drugs

Russian and Egyptian companies have concluded a memorandum of cooperation providing for the joint development, production and launch of radiopharmaceuticals on the market.

The document was signed between Rusatom Healthcare (a subsidiary of the Russian state company Rosatom) and the leading Egyptian company Pharco Pharmaceuticals, according to the Russian company’s press service.

The memorandum of cooperation was signed as part of the first African medical conference and exhibition – Africa Health ExCon – dedicated to the pharmaceutical and healthcare market.

A statement issued by the Russian company indicated that “the memorandum specified the intentions of the two parties regarding the further development of cooperation and the implementation of joint projects.”

In particular, the two parties agreed to develop cooperation in joint development and production projects for radiopharmaceuticals, conduct preclinical and clinical studies, and register and launch advanced products on the market in Egypt, the Eurasian Economic Union and other countries.

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