Sama al-Masry: I don’t have an electoral program

Newly accepted parliamentary candidate, belly dancer Sama al-Masry, recently spoke to Al-Masry Al-Youm about her political career, show business and her plans for the future. 
Q: How do you feel now that you have been approved to run in the elections?
A: It was a big surprise because I almost missed the deadline of the medical examination.
Q: How did you react to the rumors that said you were rejected because of the medical examination?
A: I was displeased with them, which is why I insisted on proving that I am medically fit for the task.
Q: Which symbol did you choose to represent you?
A: The palm tree or the eye. They will tell me in a week which one they will give to me. 
Q: Will you run with any particular political party?
A: No, I am running independently for Azbakiya.
Q: When will you start campaigning?
A: Once I know which symbol I will receive.
Q: Would you retire from show business if you win?
A: It is premature to talk about this now. I take things as they come.
Q: If you win, will you focus your efforts on show business or on the people of your constituency?
A: Both.
Q: Do you have an electoral program?
A: No, because I did not expect my application would be accepted. But I will work on a program in a few days.
Q: What will happen to your satellite channel if you win?
A: The channel has nothing to do with this. It will continue to broadcast.
Q: What do you think of artists running in parliamentary elections?
A: There are many of them, but no one was as criticized as I was.
Q: What will happen to your controversial movie?
A: I don’t know. I am not the producer. I played in it just to maintain my presence in show business. What the censorship said about the film containing obscene scenes is incorrect. It is a comedy.
Q: What do you think about the Egyptian army hitting IS strongholds in Libya?
A: God curse IS. It was the best thing the army did. I am confident the army will eliminate IS.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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