Satellite behemoth announces future Egyptian service

The world’s leading mobile satellite company, Inmarsat, announced it has successfully obtained an operation license from Egypt’s National Telecommunication Regulation Authority (NTRA).

The company’s service in Egypt is slated to begin in November. The service will be independent from already licensed mobile phone operators.

The announcement was delivered at the Gitex Technology Week exhibition in Dubai. Inmarsat officials said it contracted four service providers in Egypt–including Alkan Telecom–to offer the service.

The license authorizes Inmarsat to provide phone services in remote areas via its own satellites. The company says the new service targets individuals located in desert areas, either for tourism or expeditions. Ship crews and oil companies operating in remote areas will also be beneficiaries.

The price for the Inmarsat mobile set will range between US$500-US$600, and cost US$1 per minute, according to company officials.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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