Sawiris criticized for displaying Islam-related cartoon on Twitter

Naguib Sawiris, co-founder of the Free Egyptians Party, at a meeting with members of the Front Party on Sunday, was criticized for displaying cartoons on his Twitter account that they found disparaging to Islam.

The cartoons showed Disney characters Mickey Mouse bearded and Mini veiled.

“They looked funny that’s all,” he said. “And we should not limit Islam to a beard or veil.”

Asked about Article II of the Constitution that says Islam is the country’s religion and Islamic Sharia is its main source of legislation, Sawiris said his party advocates the article, provided that it treats non-Muslims in accordance with their own laws.

“The best way for the 12 million Egyptian Copts is to integrate with their fellow Muslim citizens,” he said.

On allegations that liberals do not speak the language of ordinary citizens whose main concerns are looking for bread, Sawiris said the country needs those who speak about democracy and the principles of a secular state. “Talking about bread and other basic commodities would lead us nowhere,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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