SCAF expects 70% election turnout

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) expected the turnout of the first phase of parliamentary elections to reach 70 percent of eligible voters, and expressed hope it would reach 80 percent after extending elections for an extra day.

Preliminary reports said turnout in the Red Sea Governorate reached 50 percent. In Fayoum, it reached 60 percent; in Luxor, 55 percent; in Port Said, 65 percent; in Kafr al-Sheikh, 50 percent; in Alexandria, 55 percent; in Assiut, 60 percent and in Damietta, 65 percent.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry’s elections operation room said it did not receive any complaints regarding the elections.

But certain civil society organizations accused the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wafd Party of bribing people to vote for them.

The Egyptian Association for the Support of Democratic Development said some polling stations opened late because supervising judges failed to arrive on time. It added that it witnessed a station supervisor urging voters to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The association also said supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood were seen warning people of voting for the liberal Egyptian Bloc Coalition.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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