Security services ‘urge’ MB parliamentary candidates to bow out of elections

Egyptian security services have summoned parliamentary nominees from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement to urge them to drop their candidacies, an MB source said on Monday.

“Security services summoned 70 of our candidates in 6 October City and attempted to intimidate them,” said MB municipal representative Helmy al-Gazzar.

Al-Gazzar went on to say that the group might use the slogan "Reform against Corruption" during next month's People's Assembly elections if the MB was banned from using its traditional electoral slogan, "Islam is the Solution."

MB sources in Alexandria, meanwhile, said the group was also mulling the use of the slogans "Our Hands Are Clean" and "Our Way Is Straight."

The group, which typically fields candidates as nominal independents, has so far announced 38 candidates to run in five Egyptian governorates.

In a related development, security services this week raided 11 libraries belonging to MB members in three different governorates and arrested 12 group members on charges of promoting "extremist" religious books and audio tapes.

Another ten group members were also reportedly arrested in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura on similar charges.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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