Sexual assault caught on video in Tahrir Square, eight suspects arrested over similar charges

While a sexual assault was allegedly caught on video in Tahrir Square, Cairo security services have now arrested eight unemployed suspects over similar accusations during Sunday celebrations that took place over the inauguration of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
Large gatherings in Tahrir Square have been plagued by sexual assaults and gang attacks on women. 
A recent sexual assault caught on video during the presidential celebrations on Sunday has been going viral online. YouTube user Marwan Arafah uploaded a graphic video, which allegedly shows a naked and injured woman being tossed around by a large group of men in the square as she tries to flee a gang assault. 
It is unclear where the suspects arrested are linked to the incidents in this video.
The issue received international attention when CBS correspondant Lara Logan came public with her traumatic experience, in which she was groped and had her clothes torn off by men during the celebrations the day former President Hosni Mubarak resigned.
Police report was filed at Qasr al-Nil police station and the suspects have been referred to prosecution to conduct investigations.

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