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Smoking increases the risk of 5 respiratory diseases, warns Egypt’s Health Ministry

Egypt’s Health and Population Ministry issued a warning on Monday that smoking increases the risk of respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, influenza, the common cold, pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

The ministry called on smokers to quit smoking immediately.

Studies also indicate that smoking in women and breast cancer are linked, the ministry added, with smoking significantly increasing the risk of developing several types of cancer.

Even non-smokers are unsafe, with the ministry stating that the risk of lung cancer and coronary heart disease can increase just by inhaling smoke.

The ministry added that secondhand smoke causes 100,000 premature deaths annually from non-smokers, including men, women and children, explaining that chemicals within tobacco smoke contains 40 substances that cause cancer.

The World Health Organization’s Representative in Egypt John Jabbour back in March warned against the negative effects of smoking as it weakens the lungs and immune system, causing greater susceptibility to diseases such as the coronavirus.

In an interview with Ahmed Mousa on his TV show “Ala Masaolity” (On My Responsibility), Jabbour explained that smoking can lead to increased risk of chronic diseases.

“Shisha provides the best climate for the proliferation of the coronavirus,” he warned.

Exercise such as sports and following a healthy diet will help confront the virus’s symptoms, he added.

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