Student demonstrations against Gaza wall

Students of three universities in Cairo, Mansoura and Fayoum demonstrated Tuesday against Egypt building a steel barrier along its border with the Gaza Strip.

More than 150 students belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group in Cairo’s Ain Shams University demonstrated on campus against building the barrier. They cited a fatwa (religious edict) by Youssef el-Qaradawi, Secretary-General of the International Federation of Islamic Scholars, in which he said building the barrier is haram (prohibited by Islam) and only serves the interests of Israel.

MB students of Fayoum University also demonstrated for the same purpose. They accused the Egyptian government of helping Israel besiege the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

MB students of Mansoura University in their demonstration called for a popular march to demolish the barrier. They were joined by some faculty staff members.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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