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Tantawi criticizes ‘divergences of opinion and voices questioning intentions’

The head of Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, criticized on Thursday what he called the "divergences of opinion and the voices questioning intentions" within the country. He made the comment in a speech marking the anniversary of Egypt's victory in the 1973 war againt Israel, which is celebrated on 6 October.

Tantawi warned of those who violate the sanctity of the homeland and "sow discord and dissension," among Egyptians. He also stressed that the Egyptian people can overcome all current crises.

Egypt is currently passing through a critical phase of its history, and "is witnessing a comprehensive transformation in its national course, the foundations and background of which cannot be ignored, in light of the changes and crises that loom on the horizon, and require people of different political and non-political orientations to be aware of the consequences of this difficult phase and the requirements to get through it," said Tantawi.

He added that after the 25 January revolution, protected by the armed forces, people have diverged in opinion, and voices quetioning intentions have started to appear, in addition to the emergence of crises and risks at all levels, especially on the security and economic fronts.

It is our duty to face these crises and risks so that they do not impede our progress toward achieving our national goals, and take the country and people down an unknown slope, preventing them from moving toward a future where Egypt should be united, strong and secure, Tantawi said.

Tantawi also stressed that there are elements intent on "sowing division and discord" and harming Egypt's national security. He warned anyone who tries to compromise the security and stability of the country that they should fear the wrath of the people, who have proved their ability to overcome difficulties and come out stronger than before.

"The great people who rejected the defeat of the1967 War and insisted on freeing every inch of their sacred lands can pass through this critical stage by rallying for their goals, preserving national unity, and pursuing a modern civil state built on a sound democratic basis that allows all citizens to participate in the decision-making process, and establish social justice," he said.

Tantawi recalled the role of former President Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat in the October War, and said he owned the "decision of going to war and crossing the Suez Canal."

He also expressed his confidence in the youth of Egypt, stating: "The youth of this generation are an extension of the youth of the October generation, who proved competent in shouldering the national responsibility, and achieved victory through offering ultimate sacrifices," he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition