Egypt Independent

Tantawi pledges fair parliamentary and presidential elections

Head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy on Thursday pledged to guarantee the integrity of the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

During his meeting with a number of senior officers of the armed forces, Tantawy said, “The armed forces will hold the parliamentary and presidential elections with the utmost transparency and impartiality.”

“The current situation imposes the need for everyone to defend both the country’s stability and the gains achieved by its people, as well as a reprioritization so as to achieve the legitimate demands of the people after the stage has been set to facilitate the way to democracy,” said Tantawy.

Tantawy went on to say that “freedom of expression through peaceful means is guaranteed for everyone. However, some groups favor their own demands and organize protests and strikes which interrupt production, leading to economic problems that harm the country’s interests."

“The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces won’t allow any group of outlaws to intimidate and terrorize peaceful citizens and destroy or attack public and private institutions,” said Tantawy. “Legal action will be taken against them to protect the security of the homeland and its citizens.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition