Terrorist cell targeted police, citizens in Beheira arrested: Interior Ministry

Beheira security services say they have arrested a terrorist cell that been targeting police and military personnel, their property and those of some citizens for their political views.
According to a statement issued by Interior Ministry on Monday, a team was formed to identify the group which is accused of setting a policeman’s private vehicle on fire in addition to similar accidents.
The perpetrators, according to the ministry, eleven residents of Damanhur who founded websites and groups to incite violence against police personnel and their vehicles.
The arrested suspects were reportedly in possession of a large number of Muslim Brotherhood slogans, fireworks, flyers, in addition to mobile phones with text messages containing orders over the pro-Brotherhood marches, and others about buying petroleum substances to use it in attacks against police in case their marches were confronted, the statement added.
The police also claim the suspects admitted that others joined them in their activities.
All legal measures were taken against the suspects. Prosecution conducted investigations. Efforts are being made to arrest their cohorts.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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