Traffic policeman shoots toll-booth worker in al-Warraq scuffle

A fight broke out between a traffic policeman and toll-booth workers in the neighborhood of Gezirat al-Warraq on Monday, prompting the policeman to open fire on one of the booth workers, shooting him in the foot. The injured worker has been taken to al-Warraq hospital for treatment.

Giza security services have arrested the policeman and detained him in the Giza security department, to be presented to the public prosecutor for investigation over the shooting.

A source from within the security forces told Al-Masry al-Youm that the policeman was part of the department of traffic police for Giza, responsible for traffic in the neighborhood of al-Warraq.

The source stated that the skirmish began with some heated words between the policeman and the workers, which escalated into a punch-up.

The policeman then pulled out his gun and fired several shots into the air to warn off the booth workers. The source continued that when the workers continued their fight, apparently unfazed by the warning shots, the policeman shot one of them in the foot. According to the source, the toll booth worker’s name was Mohamed S.

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