Transport minister inspects development project of Ring Road

Minister of Transport Kamel al-Wazir on Monday inspected progress on the the comprehensive development project for the Ring Road around Greater Cairo.

The tour began by following up on the implementation of the distance from Saad Eddin al-Shazly area to the Alexandria Agriculture Road, where construction of a bridge above the Saad Eddin al-Shazly Tunnel is taking place.

He inspected the Adly Mansour Bridge in the Asher area which is under experimental operation, and will contribute to eliminating traffic jams in al-Salam Tunnel.

This tunnel is in one direction from the  area in the direction of New Cairo, while the bridge is used for those coming from New Cairo to Marg area.

A bridge was completed above the al-Tawarei (emergency) axis, linking between the Mehwar road and the Ring Road to serve the Gesr al-Sues and al-Salam areas residents.

Wazir inspected the final touches pf al-Marg Bridge, as its implementation rate reached 99.5 percent. It will serve the traffic coming from the Zakat Foundation to Mostorod.

He also inspected the works of the Mostorod Bridge, where implementation rate reached 97 percent.

It is a completely new bridge built alongside the current bridge, in addition to a number of ramps and houses to serve the movement of citizens traveling to Ismailia via the Mostorod Road- Belbeis Ismailia Agriculture road, or those heading to Mostorod via the same road.

The minister instructed the speedy completion of the pavement works from Saad Eddin al-Shazly Tunnel to the Alexandria Agriculture road.

He inspected the development and expansion of the Ring Road and the Cairo-Alexandria Agriculture Road to achieve the required traffic liquidity.

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