Tycoon Rami Lakah joins Wafd Party

Former MP and controversial business tycoon Rami Lakah on Monday announced that he had officially joined the opposition Wafd Party. “I am honored to join the party,” Lakah declared.

Wafd Party headquarters was also paid a visit by leading members of the National Front for Change, after which party leader El-Sayed el-Badawy announced he would form a committee to study new means of cooperation between the party and the front.

“We both agree on the need for political reform, but we still have our differences,” he said, pointing to the front’s call to boycott all upcoming elections–a stance that the Wafd disagrees with. “Had we not taken part in the elections, we would not have revealed the vote-rigging that took place.”

Front coordinator Hassan Nafea, for his part, said: “We agree in principle, but differ on the means of pressuring the regime for change.”

Nafea commended the Wafd Party for its recent internal elections, which he described as “a model for democratic practice that the ruling party should take after.”

Front spokesman Hamdi Qandil said the front would pay similar visits to the Tagammu and Nasserist opposition parties to discuss ways of cooperation. “We seek collective action from all opposition forces,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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