UK ambassador mocks justice minister controversy in job announcement

The British ambassador to Cairo has coupled an embassy job announcement with a sarcastic reference to a recent public controversy that forced Egypt’s justice minister to quit.
“Do you want to work at the British Embassy in Cairo? We're hiring a Community Liaison Officer!” John Casson tweeted in English, but added a sarcastic line in Arabic.
“Sons of garbage collectors are encouraged to apply,” Casson added.
The ambassador, apparently encouraged by recent humorous tweets that gained him popularity among Egyptian followers, was referring to remarks by resigned justice minister Mahfouz Saber who suggested in a recent TV interview that social class was a vital determinant for the acceptance of judicial job-seekers.
“The son of a garbage collector cannot work as a judge nor in the judicial field. He has to be brought up in a social environment that fits that job,” Saber said in statements which triggered a social network campaign that forced him to step down on Monday.
Social networks users reacted variously to the ambassador’s punchline both in humor and discomfort.
“Could you guys please verify the Ambassador's account? Its too funny to be true :D,” @SemSemCPA replied to Casson’s tweet.
“you are doing very well in Egypt ,, good luck,” tweeted ‏@ahmed_ibrahim28.
Whereas another user did not find the tweet to be funny.
“This is what I call fishing in troubled waters, Mr Ambassador, if that’s really you,” @TBeshai, wrote.

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